Saturday, January 01, 2011


 This painting was one I worked on during the Christmas break.  You can hardly see the's yellow.  Yellow reminds me of my friend Anne, so that's what I named the painting!

First day of the new year.  It's been good.  Puzzle making with Paul is always cute.  I need to detox (mentally) from all the Seasons activities.  Tough to be a do it all kind of person who has a fear of saying "no" to something especially when it sounds fun.  Everything sounds fun.  That's the big problem..for me.  I guess my new move, this new year, will be to say, "Maybe, I'll have to see if I can do that?" Seems flaky and uncommitted but blah, I don't know? Did I mention the entire family lives within miles of us?  How does one say no to such darlings?


Diane said...

HI Tam!! I'm so glad that you visited my blog--now I've found yours--great art!! I read your post on the bazaar--they're not doing well everywhere. In my area, there are a few that are still like they used to be--lot of excitement and fun, but unfortunately, because of the economy, not so much anymore. But I don't let them stop me from doing what I love most!! So glad to meet you in 2011!

Anonymous said...


Srishti said...

Tam! What a beautiful tree painting! Love it!