Saturday, January 02, 2010


My project for this Christmas! Funny little dragonfly magnets.
I used the large and small size Christmas tree light bulbs, pipe cleaners, marbles, wire, beads, sculpey clay, glass paint and a glue gun.
The ones with thick furry pipe cleaners on the bodies look very "pretty". Others have the metal showing for a more clean look. Some have the clay eyes which were time consuming to sculpt and others have marble eyes painted with glass paint. Originally I wanted to bead the wings but attaching the wire to the metal light bulb was tough! So I went with sparkle pipe cleaners.
I made 40 little guys in all. My favorite ones are made with the smaller version of the Christmas light bulbs. So cute! I added magnets to the back....some people wanted ornaments but I thought this year I would try magnets. My SIL did get an ornament version:


Anonymous said...

These are fantastic! I've been saving my used up light bulbs to do something crafty with. I've got a basketfull by now. These are VERY creative and fun!

Unknown said...

That's a great info. Thanks for sharing, really like your view.

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TaMs* said...

wooo hooo! You've been busy. I love your new blog layout, it's been awhile since I've swung by.. everything looks great!

Jennifer said...

I love mine, so adorable!

Yasmin said...

so COOL this magnets!

Anonymous said...

Tam, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your compliment on my artwork! xoxo Serena

Unknown said...

Looking forward to reading more from you

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Anonymous said...

Adorable!! I'de love to sell them in my shop! Very clever.

Unknown said...

These are adorable! Love them! I will definitely have to try to make some of these! Glad to have found you through Swap-bot. Happily following!