Thursday, February 23, 2012


The school project tree was fun!  Not sure why....maybe because I knew it would eventually be covered with birds so mistakes weren't as important?
All the black lines are done in sharpie.  I LOVE SHARPIE! Especially on this cold press (bumpy) paper.  The pen didn't dry up and sort of soaked into the paper.
I love these lines that look like mapping elevation lines.
The trick was the sky....what trouble.  My MIL was here to witness the frustration.  LOTS of hard lines, back washes and funny white hard water? lines.  The color I used was quinacridone violet.  Ugh...don't like it.
The trunk was fun.  Lots of rust colors.
All the birdies done by Mr. Jensen's 5th grade class!
They are paper clipped to their names so I wouldn't lose track.
Mr. Jensen is at the top!
Tommy's fat pink bird. Love it!
These were such charming little birds.  Anyone know how to rotate a picture after it's loaded?
Nice brown frame to complete the work.
Everyone did such a great job.  I love that they are all looking the same direction.  Except for one!  Can you find him?


Tina Morton said...

It looks like a fish, the one going the wrong way that is.

Anonymous said...

It's a wonderful piece of art. And it's so peaceful and cute! You did awesome job!!! Keiko (Timothy's mom)

Maggi said...

How adorable! What a great project!

Stacey said...

I love it!!

laurakiteley said...

This is beautiful! x