Thursday, March 01, 2012


Fun floating trees.  Pen and Ink on Bristol paper. 
I'm obsessed with buttons right now....making little images to go on the 1.25 inch pin back buttons and magnets.  I love packaging them.  I love packaging ideas!  I'll have pictures of those buttons for the blog soon.  The pen and ink on the Bristol paper is something new too.  I'm going to add little animals to some of the trees for more interest.  This picture is terrible which is why it didn't sell for very much on Tophatter.  Oh well, a learning experience for sure.

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Ces said...

Oh my gosh! These are magnificent!!!! I truly love these. Tammy, about my post, thank you. I feel better already. I had a good talk about it so it's one of those things that don't need to stay. Thank you.

I love these trees. My!