Wednesday, August 05, 2009


My Sister-In-Law and I were in Sisters Oregon for a weekend of sewing. Lots of fun! The house, my best friend Jan rented us, was perfect for the sewing weekend. We each had our own "stations". We even had an ironing station and cutting station set up.

My quilt is the black and bright one. I still need to applique some of the pieces onto the quilt and do a ton of embroidering, don't know how to do either! What have I got myself into? I'm glad I chose to go small. Neece decided to do a full queen bedspread!
My SIL (Neece) is making her quilt for her Mom's bed. Beautiful material, as you can see, along with pictures of the grand babies. Neece is really good at quilting. You would never know this is her first attempt at quilting. I'm jealous of her quilting abilities! :) Her mom will be so surprised!


Kathy said...

Beautiful quilts. I have always wanted to give that a try.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Tam! Love the idea of your two sewing work stations. What a fun & lovely trip of creativity! Both of your quilts look wonderful! Thanks for your sweet visit!

Creative Blessings,
Lisa :)

Tina Morton said...

first of all I would like to say copy cat.. hehee.. I posted new today too... UGH SISTERS.. Twins with ten years apart.. hard to believe some times... second.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Third.. OHHHHHHHH MYYYYY GOSH!!!! I didn't get to see this at all.. UGH... bring it over.. we'll work on it together!!! I know how to do some stuff! :)between the two of us.. we should be able to make it look good!

arkaya (jess) said...

Another craft I would love to try, it just looks very hard to get it perfect. You did a great job though - love the colour combination :D