Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Planner Time

Planner Pages
Do you use a planner? Are you organized and task oriented? Do you love writing everything down? This planner craze might be just the thing for you! I love love journals and the looks of a fully decorated calendar but I'm afraid to start down the path of planner decor.  It looks very addicting.

My good friend Teri does planner decoration that is amazing. I love her graphic clean style, she illustrates planner stamps too. Above is one of Teri's creations.  We developed "foodie" stamps just recently that she used in her planner.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Easy Water Coloring Tutorial

Beautiful bluebell water colored card created by Birgit Edblom.  This handmade card is one of many in the Technique Tuesday idea gallery. Birgit has added tons of gorgeous works of art to the gallery.
 I'm excited to share a link to my bluebell watercolor video.  I've been creating some tutorial videos for Technique Tuesday.  This video is probably the easiest of the the three.  I use watercolor crayons to add some color to the little bluebell stamp set. My Momma loves blue bells and she flipped when I gave her the finished card. Yay!

Check out the video here:

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Illustrations and a Mouse

I've been busy working on this new release for Technique Tuesday!  We are launching cooking themed clear stamps and steel dies.  This is one of my favorite themes we've done so far.  Other than the music theme which I will share with you some other time.  Mouse Chef is one of my illustrations.  I released him awhile ago as a digital stamp but starting tomorrow he will be a real clear stamp sold in stores and on the Technique Tuesday web site. I'm so excited!

I'll share more designs and doodles that I'm working on in the next few days.  I have orders from the bosses to come up with a bunch of new little critters.

OH OH OH and there might be a new club or society offered soon....Hooray!