Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hangin' With My Friends!

Trying out scary!

Yes, I can draw something a little scary!

This is frightening!
First I want to say something to my sassy teen boys, "YES, everything I do is "cute" but I can draw scary too!?" Well, sort of.  The bloody head suggestion by my 13 year old was a no go.  Not drawing bloody heads.  Not even sure where to begin with that.

The last pic is of me and SIL being silly and texting selfies to the oldest son.  Goofy.

Not a lot to share today.  Just checking in with my PPF peeps.  I decided to dust off the old "Art In Flight" blog and keep it going.  It's more my fine art blog.  I love my job, Card Making Artists but I'm missing my fun times with art and I think I need to start seperating the two web sites and parts of my brain. NO, I WON'T DRAW WHAT THAT WOULD LOOK LIKE LITERALLY! haha

Love you guys :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Illustrations

Fall digital Papers

"Kitty Bat" Digital Stamp

Fall Digital Papers
Alright, so here are some of the things I'm working on.  Little pumpkin fall papers for this CMA package I'm creating and the "Kitty Bat" which I launched a week ago.  The kitty was hard to cut out.  Not sure I like this image, compared to the other I've launched.  Launched meaning free digital stamp offer for my card making peeps on Card Making Artists.Com!  I used the Gimp and Inkscape programs to make the pumpkin embellishment paper. When using Inkscape SAVE YOUR WORK every min. otherwise the program crashes a lot and you will loose your work. Ugh!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Halloween Digital Stamps

Above are some examples of the “Kitty and Spiders” AND “Bat and Spider” digital stamps used different ways for card making.  My favorite? I think I like the one front and center this time.  It’s the one with the cute bat and spider with the polka dot ribbon. It was one of the last examples I came up with.  Funny how an after thought can be the best design!   These were neat stamps to play around with.  There are so many different design and color choices.  My Copics came in really handy with these digital stamps, as always! Read More...