Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WOYWW Video Scaffolding

This funny white pvc contraption on my table was built by my Sweetie and youngest.  They made it for me, for filming my first card making video.  This is a big deal because my boys are not handy, they are technical and computer (geeks) savvy but building stuff is a stretch!  I was touched that they wanted to help out my card making wackiness!!

Linking with AWESOME WOYWW and all the fun friends over there. On my work desk?  All the wacky stuff for the video.  I actually had to clean it up a lot from this picture.  The first take I was so confused...all the unnecessary stuff got in the way.  It was funny. Then I started having brain freezes....read more!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

WOYWW Rockstar and Sequins

Sort of a boring art table.  Seem like there needs to be a bigger mess in order for there to be supreme creativity? I was in the process of creating a card.  Here it is: CardMakingArtists. This work table pic is from yesterday.

Yes, that's a Rockstar energy drink...terrible but I love them.  Yup, that's "Really Freakin' Hot" pepperoni, my fav. and those are M&M's hiding under that pack of crackers.  I'm so healthy it's ridiculous.  Once in awhile I do these awful lunches.  Like again today....

I really like the sequin trend right now.  They are so pretty, retro and fun!  There are a lot of sequins used in the card making world. My favorite card makers use the little suckers.  I still love them used on felt for those little Christmas ornaments?  I have some of those from the 60's.

Do you use sequins?

Can't wait to see what's on your work table.

Linking with WOYWW!

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Kitty Illustration

I call this illustration, "Kitty's Birthday Cake".
I'm offering this little kitty as a digital stamp on my CMA site.
I have a whole kitty series of digital stamps. They work well in card making.
Finished card using "Kitty's Birthday Cake" illustration.

Working on lots of new stuff for my CMA site.  I had to let go of my fine art gallery in Sellwood Oregon...not sure how I feel about that.  I was torn all the time feeling like I had to get new work done for the gallery but I'm trying to start the new online web sites. I gave myself three months to sit down and work on paintings. NOT EVEN ONCE did I sit and work on the gallery paintings.  I knew....I had to let it go. Boo Hoo!!  I still think it was the right thing to do. Luckily the online site are creative or I would be really crushed.

Looking forward to all my Paint Party Friday, Paper Saturday and Sunday Sketches friends!