Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Love You Owl - Stamp Set

Love You Owl
This is my fourteenth owl illustration for Technique Tuesday.  His eyes are goofy.  I know. He's targeting you with his eyes for lloovvee. Ha!

I have two owls in the queue, one for March and one for April.  The March owl is holding a stuffed rabbit and he's a baby. Eek, I'm excited to share that one. I have a pen & ink drawing of the April owl idea on Instagram. That one is pretty normal but should be fun to color.

We made a bunch of projects last Tuesday with the new release. My friend Karen and I used this little cutie. There's a stamp set called You Aren't Normal that I think is perfect for all the things you REALLY want to say in a card! Karen used those sentiments on her card.
Love You Owl and You Aren't Normal Stamp Set

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Frederick & Fiona Fox - Fox Stamp Set

Frederick & Fiona Fox
Introducing my fox illustrations! I had a bunch of little fox sketches in my art book that were strong contenders for the stamp set but we finally settled on these two guys.

Technique Tuesday is offering Frederick and Fiona as a 4" x 6" stamp set! I'm feel lucky to be able to design for such a great company. Well, I'm lucky to be able to illustrate for a living!

Also, Frederick & Fiona have a super cute and clever little biography you can read here.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Planner Time

Planner Pages
Do you use a planner? Are you organized and task oriented? Do you love writing everything down? This planner craze might be just the thing for you! I love love journals and the looks of a fully decorated calendar but I'm afraid to start down the path of planner decor.  It looks very addicting.

My good friend Teri does planner decoration that is amazing. I love her graphic clean style, she illustrates planner stamps too. Above is one of Teri's creations.  We developed "foodie" stamps just recently that she used in her planner.