Sunday, November 03, 2013


 I've been playing around with these two books Zenspirations Dangle Designs by Joanne Fink and Creative Doodling and Beyond by Stephanie Corfee.  These book are so much fun to get out and copy with friends.
 Zentangles are especially fun to play around with even if you're not a professional artist.  They are fast easy and they don't have to look exactly like the image you are copying. 
 You can use the thin line sharpies but the Micron Pens .01 or .005 are my fav. Nice thin lines for tons of detail.
 This time we were working with letters.  The inspiration of the designs are fun.  My letters aren't exactly the same as the letters in the book.  You can hardly tell.  I love showing my "un-creative friends" as they call themselves, how much fun and easy it is to use these images as inspiration to create doodles.  When they take their doodles home and look at them the next day they are usually impressed with themselves.  Especially since they aren't holding the doodle right up next to the book feeling like it should look exactly like the book image.  You funny perfectionists! Love you guys and your crazy complicated brains!!

I finished the Family Tree painting for my cousin.  Hooray!  There are names dates and doodles hidden in the branches.


Michaele Razi said...

Very fun and cool exercise! And the painting is lovely!

Sue Marrazzo said...

Love this post!

jyothisethu said...

nice to read...!

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