Friday, March 17, 2006


Hand carved stamps I made for the Embellished Circus challenge. The fish themed stamps were inspired by the new childrens menu at SHARIS. Very strange inspiration! I never thought something like that would inspire me but it did. I really like working on the stamp blocks instead of the rubber erasers. Also using the stamp carving tools instead of the exacto knife makes a world of difference. The right tools for the right job! It's like magic.


Kirsten said...

These stamps rock! Great job. I love the textures and designs in the backgounds, too.

Anonymous said...

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V.K. Soaplash said...

oh my GAWD girl! These are just divine! You are such a great artist. I really like these a lot.

So. You are convincing me to invest in some stamp-carving tools, alrighty. I have a 40% off JoAnn's coupon...maybe one of the two stores around here sells something I'd like to buy...I'm still using exacto knives and erasers.

Great job Tam!!!