Sunday, October 27, 2013


 My Sis and I went to the 2013 Holiday Stampin' Up event in Wilsonville.  Donna Taylor along with her partners hosted the most fun card and gift making party EVER.  I begged them to do it again.
 I had to beg them to do another class next year because it was a LOT of work for them.  Fun for us, but tons of work for them.  We made, something like fifteen projects for Halloween, Fall and Christmas.
 I love this bag with the goodies inside.  This Celebrate a Creepy Crawly Halloween bag was the easiest project.  We ironed on the words...that's it!
 I especially love the Trick or Treat chocolate pack.  The chocolate was so cool long and skinny kind of classy.  I can't remember what kind of chocolate it was, my Sis knows.  I can ask if you need me too.
 All these Halloween goodies were so much fun to make.  What a perfect little party gift for a class of kids to make! 


Unknown said...

love all your Halloween ideas!!! so clever and fun!!!!

Michaele Razi said...

Very, very cool! Thank you for sharing!