Sunday, July 24, 2011


Wish I had taken a picture of this before I "fixed" it.  Oh man was it ugly.  I don't like sepia.  Every time I use sepia in my trees they look like they were in a fire.  So I added some warm burnt umber and burnt sienna.

I think I want to use green glitter and some collage elements like leaves from news print.  Not sure.....Any good ideas?

I should move on to the next painting.  The challenge of, "make it work" screams out to me to finish everything I start.  (Thanks Tim Gunn)  So I have a ton of paintings waiting while I make this sucker work.


Melisa said...

This is an interesting tree! You know what I'd do? I wouldn't even add leaves. The circles look like bubbles to me, like little bubbles of thoughts, ideas, or maybe even dreams. I'd lightly shade each circle to look like a bubble and call it finished.

Maggi said...

Looks great so far, I like the idea of newsprint leaves. :)

EVA said...

It looks like it is working to me!

Beautiful tree - wonderful and fun! I love the mauve sky and purple hills.


SHERI C said...

Absolutely SUPERB work!!! I love the shpae, colors and feel of this piece. So glad you shared it. HAPPY PPF!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

WOW this is so beautiful!! you are pretty talented.

Melissa Blake said...

this is amazing! Great blog, too!

Tam Hess said...

Thanks for all your support guys! Melisa, I started down the green path before I got your ideas BUT it's such a good one I'm going to make a bubble tree next!

Sophia said...

Hi Tamm and WELCOME to Sunday Sketches. :) OK, here's all you need to do.

1. This link is where the SS badge is for your sidebar. It's the coloured tree with the swinging tire. Just save the photo and replace the tea bag one. :)

2. Complete any sort of sketch/painting you'd like each Sunday. Make sure that your post does say "Sunday Sketches" and that there is a link in your write up back to my blog so others can find it and join in. Thank you. :)

3. Sign up on the Mr. Linky that I post each Sunday on my blog, with a link directly to the art you're posting.

4. ENJOY the SS love and hop around to visit everyone else.

So excited you're joining us. Your artwork is quite inspirting.