Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I had a bunch of images that I drew and copied off for the pin back buttons....I copied them onto card stock paper.  My button punch won't punch out the images, the paper is to heavy. SO!  I decided to make them into gift tags!  First I used colored paper, didn't look right, to many colors that didn't match the paper.  Then I found this card stock weight vellum and it seemed to make the images POP.  I love glitter so you know, can't do anything without glitter. :) I tried to sell them at one of the bazaars but they wouldn't sell.  Maybe .25 a tag?  4 for a $1.00? Hmmmm


Roberto said...

Hello, Tam,
The first thing I must say is thank you for your comment.
well, I've seen all your creations and I think are beautiful.
I see that not only draw, you do a variety of things. I also saw your other blog with beautiful trees.
(I've seen a tree called "Crazy tree") well, I'll tell you, it may be that this tree, in nature, was a crazy tree. but when you imagine it and draw it. is no longer a crazy tree. is a real tree drawn by Tam, OK?
Congratulations again.

Lisa said...

Love them! The gliter is definitely its crowning glory! Miss you. Hope all is well! xoxo

Jan said...

They are cute. Have you considered tying some fiber to them? You never know what will sell. If nothing else maybe you can stamp the other side with your business name and attach them to your soaps in the future?

Lisa said...

Tam...thank you for posting on my linky party...I can NOT believe you have a teenager! Miss YOU!

evey said...

These are really pretty. I agree with the suggestion of adding fibers to them.

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