Sunday, February 28, 2010


This is my Grandaddy. He passed away ten years ago. He was such a great guy. Into cars, dogs, making a deal and my Gram. Very charismatic man. I think he could sell ice to an Eskimo. I lived with him and my Gram overseas for awhile with my brother. Over seas my bro and I watched him "operate" and we were both in awe. Here in the states my sis and I lived with them and we always looked up to him and were mentored by him. I think we use Grandaddy as a measuring stick in life. This is good and bad. Good to be motivated but bad we won't be getting a pat on the back AND will we ever be able to live up to the legend?
I wish I could be more like him. I wish I could make a deal, be less emotional, less timid and a cool dude...or dudess, whatever. I wish he were still alive to tell me and Tim and Tina, "You're doing good kid."


ti-igra said...

Oh! Your grandfather really charismatic man! It just shows!
Do not be discouraged so! Go your way, and work to complete and achieve your goals like your grandfather!
Everyone have his own mission in this world! Your grandfather performed his own, educated you, and you not forget him. Wonderful! Do not cry, smile :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow what a hottie! Everything you describe you can see it emanating from the photo. Your love and respect of him is obvious and this is such a nice little tribute. What a blessing to have had such a positive influence to guide your actions. I know what you mean about missing having that pat on the back. I really miss that in my dad. He wasn't one for many words, but when he was proud of me it showed and it did wonders for my motivation and confidence.

Thanks for coming by my blog and I'm so glad you enjoyed that video!


Tina Morton said...

awe Tam... I tear!!! I miss him so much!!! There will never be a greater man Than him!!! I love you sissy!

Carol B said...

He looks like a guy everyone would want to know. Isn't it fun to see the younger versions of people that we only know as "older" folks?