Monday, April 20, 2009


This candle I painted for my friend Cheryl. She LOVES dragonflies! His wings are sparkled with glitter glue which doesn't show up very well in this picture. I think, I'm going to paint this little guy all over the walls in my kitchen. Ssssshhhhhh, don't tell Paul. We are under construction in the house. New kitchen counters and new wall....well they took out a part of a wall. New bathrooms and new computer area. Whew, lots of chaos. New posts will be few and far between until all is back to normal!
Are you happy Tina? New post! :)


Tina Morton said...

OHHHH yes thank you so much for updating!!!! I can't for the next one!!! When will that be? Tomorrow? hahahaa... I like it!!!

Vania said...

Lovely dragonfly - candle looks great - I did a few of these as well with flowers and dragonflies and they are all over my home. Cheers Val

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have bee so-o-o busy!!
Love the Dragonfly!!
Have wonderful Week!

Tina Morton said...

YAWN!!!!!!!!!!! :)

TaMs* said...

hand painted candle.. what a cute idea!