Saturday, July 13, 2013

GOOD ADVICE? "Tree of Advice"
 During the last week of middle school I helped my friend Karen make a bulletin board. "Tree of Advice"
 Last minute we were given these words of advice from the seniors at Aloha High. "Tree of Advice"
 We came up with the idea to incorporate the little birds "tweeting" the advice. "Tree of Advice"
 These "tweets" were the best we could find from the huge pile we were given. "Tree of Advice"
 What a bunch of depressing words of advice.  Most of them were, "I wish I had known..." or "I wish I had..." "Tree of Advice"
Really not uplifting. Karen and I got the giggles going through all these word bubbles.

The tree came out good.  So that's nice.  I wish I had a bigger space so we could include more depressing words from the sad seniors.  HA HA

Actually we found most of the positive quotes and I hope the middle school kids are inspired by the words of their peers.

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Abby / Linda said...

Awesome idea! This came out incredible!