Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Funny robot guys I drew for buttons and magnets.  These are some of the "tiny" sketches I did before I had the Word program on my computer.  I notice, after loading these robots on this post, they are all leaning to the left.   I've been know to draw various buildings and structures leaning to the left.  Especially early on in my career. Now I avoid making anything that needs to be perfectly straight up and down.  I will always lean it to the left!  I promise, I draw that way but I don't walk that way.  Well...maybe I do?  I'm always off balance and bumping into something.  Maybe if I did some core exercises these robots would be straight up and down?

I'm looking forward to making new robots in "normal" sizes so I can add more details.  Also, not go blind while I do it! 

For more information on the buttons and magnets visit: Teddy Bear Heads


Tracey Fletcher King said...

I have a robot tea infuser... he is very cute... and looking forward to seeing more robots... and I still draw on a lean... I just turn the paper slightly so they look straight!!!

Tam Hess said...

I do that too! I just rotate slightly to the right. Works great with the buttons and magnets. :) I want to see your robot tea infuser!

Maggi said...

These are great, love their "leaning" ways. lol

Anonymous said...

This robot sketches are ADORABLE!! Love them!
Have a great day!