Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Halloween was so great this year!  Not sure why?  Maybe all the scary movies and festivities.  It seems like there were more than the usual "fun things" to do this year for the scary season.  I LOVE scary!  The haunted houses are still too scary but we made it to a haunted corn maze.  We thought we made it all the way through the maze when we were chase by a masked chainsaw "killer" across the field at the end.  Whew, that was fun!

My paintings are still hanging in the Moonstruck Cafe.  Not sure if anything has sold.  I'm to chicken to ask and they haven't called so I assume nothing is selling.  BUT I have to look at it like an opportunity and just having them hang around at the cafe is an accomplishment....so she tells herself.  :)

cranberry pomegranate
Also, getting ready for the first bazaar of the season.  I have some amazing new products and fragrances.  The favorite this year is still the cranberry pomegranate.  Such a sweet fruity scent!  I'm off to make some lotion to match some of the soap fragrances.  Here I go.....

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