Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This is called "Steampunk" this is one of the painting I was working on for the Moonstruck Chocolate art reception.

The new "Big Balls" painting but it's not finished.  I forgot to get a picture before I hung it in the cafe!
Here it is hanging...with Andy.
Here is the original "Big Balls" now named "Tammy" that's the girl who loves this painting!
I was so busy with this art reception.  I got 25 paintings framed and on display at Moonstruck Chocolate in Beaverton Oregon.  NOW for something completely different.... I am getting the soap done for the Christmas bazaars.  Trendy Soap.com is doing really well so far.  I'm excited about the lotions this year and I'm thinking about adding lip gloss next year.


Lisa said...

WOW, TAM, you have been a busy.busy.bee! Miss YOU!

EVA said...

These are fabulous!! Love the "big Balls aka Tammy" as well!

skippysays said...

Beautiful- I especially love that first painting!