Friday, September 16, 2011


Peppermint Sparkle!

This is the most refreshing soap.  Such a great peppermint scent!  Really strong so I have to keep it away from the other soaps.  It's quarantined.

I love the sparkle. Duh!

Rockstar is my new afternoon energy drink.  Instead of coffee.  Only 40 calories in the sugar free kind. :)

I would have crinkle cut the peppermint soap but I broke the metal in half under the wooden handle.  Which torqued the whole cutter.  Lucky I got a discount for another one from Brambleberry.  I'm a really whimpy person so I'm shocked I was able to break it!!


We Blog Artists said...

Lol...thanks for the comment on my blog...I know I am on a idea rampage....I'm not sure if the richie rich would go for hand painted wrapping paper!!!
...don't know anyone who would throw away money like that!

LOVE your blue sparkles...very pretty!

keijukammari said...

Such beautiful looking soap:) Greetings from Finland