Thursday, September 15, 2011


These were fun to make!

There's a purple layer on the bottom and hot pink on top.

After letting the purple completely cool and set I added the soap buttons then poured a layer of hot pink on top.

I made the soapy buttons with one of these molds used for fondant.

I found out the key to pouring soap in the fondant mold it this big syringe.  The dropper is to small and pouring is out of control!

Here is a baggie of all the soapy fondant mold creations.
Pouring the second layer was hard because I had to be patient.  I needed to let the soap cool a little before I pour it onto the first layer and the little white soap pieces so the soap pieces wouldn't melt and turn the clear pink soap cloudy.  I've done that before so so many times.  Turns out my superhero cryptonite is patience! (I'm not really a superhero) 

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