Friday, August 19, 2011


Winner, winner  Willows Nest,  congratulation Helen!  I will be making something specific just for you over the weekend.  Just shoot me an email with your address:  I'll post the art on Monday and mail it away.  Check out Helen's blog, she's really an amazing artist.  I LOVE her work.  Thanks for playing everyone :)  I'm going to have a special giveaway in September.  Be watching for that!

Ever see these clowns?

They are called Q-Tee clowns.

My Mom has given me one for my birthday every year for years.  Now I have this big collection but I don't think they make the clowns anymore.  My Mom ran out a few years ago.  I'm not a big clown lover but these guys are charming!  They have such fun hair.


thewillowsnest said...

woohoo.. I won yay!!
I'll send you my address..that's fun!
PS.. the clowns are wild.. you could get some amazing photos of them at close up side angles with moody effects in photoshop.. they would be fab!
Cheers , Helen

Tam Hess said...

Helen, I know...I should get some good shots of those clowns. shhhhh don't tell anyone but I was being lazy and these are the only photos I have on the computer right now that I haven't used!! Whew, must get over my lazies! ;)

keijukammari said...

Such a beautiful blog you have. I had to become a follower. I also have one clown like that. I got it as my 7th year old birthday present. Greetings from Finland

Tam Barnes said...

Are you going to sell any of your clowns if so please email me at

Taylor Paige said...

I would love to buy your clown collection if you're willing to sell !! Email me please