Sunday, August 21, 2011


I am loving this site, Handmade Artists' Shop!  It has been so easy to figure out and really easy to set up shop.  A very intuitive site for me.  Here is some information directly from the shop that was especially intriguing:

There are many marketplaces out there that an artist can sell their handmade wares but few are solely handmade. We think this is the one thing that will set us apart from the other venues. We are not allowing any resellers, unaltered vintage, or non-handmade supplies, basically we are throwing any big box mass produced mentality out the window. Our goal is to go back to basics and have a handmade site only for handmade artists!

One other goal we have as a venue on the HAFShop is to keep it relatively small. Our initial goal is 10k vendors and then we plan to close open registration. After that our plan, if all works well, is to create a waiting list and hand pick the remaining vendors capping out at 20k vendors. As we get closer to this goal we will iron out the details and keep everyone informed. The thought behind this is that one day we believe that the HAFshop will be the elite place to buy and sell handmade, and by keeping it small and of high quality we think we will over time develop that reputation.

These were two of the reasons I was willing to sign up with HAS!  It is so easy to get lost in a sea of  mass resellers and non-handmade supplies.  Creating something special and unique takes time and energy.   It's nice to know I have a place just for me to sell the art that I create.

HAS has just announced a giveaway!  You know I love those.  I'm hoping to get a free lifetime membership with HAS.  Wish me luck. :) Below is the code and badge...I'll be adding it to my Art In Flight site! This should get me a double chance to win. Don't forget to check out Handmade Artists' Shop!

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