Monday, August 15, 2011


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This is my MIL Peg, she was expecting the worst of our beach house, just like me!  She has a bottle of purell in her hand.  The beach house we stayed at in Rockaway on the Oregon coast was small and I was expecting dirt and mess.  I have to eat my thoughts because it really wasn't so bad!

Andy enjoyed it all.  This is the 20th picture I took of him sitting on this couch.  I was trying to adjust my camera and he was my test subject.  He was saying, "Mom the flash is killing me your camera works!"

Peg and I all bundled up for the wind. I need lipstick.

Pops (far) Paul (close up) enjoying the beach and watching the boys in the water.

Heidi (the dog) got so excited when anyone got buried!

Yummy pizza for dinner!

Climbing all over the logs along the jetty after dinner.

Gathering wood....

more gathering wood!

Beautiful fire!

Tommy, the person laying dead in the sand in the background, has completely had it and wants to go home.

Finally asleep in the cozy house.


Anita said...

Oh it looks so lovely! Glad to see you had a good vacation!

Jan said...

You all look like you are having a good time, that is all that counts. to have good weather at the Oregon coast is always hit or miss so glad you had some good. Andy is sure a cutie!