Thursday, January 06, 2011


 Aren't these lights great?  Wish I had them....
 I also love this outdoor fireplace in a screened in back patio area.  Also wish it were mine. The man in the picture is mine. :)
 Another gorgeous room with an incredible view.  All pictures are from the Street of Dreams in the Portland  Oregon area.
 During Christmas I kept taking pictures and Paul's shirt would reflect the flash. He reminds me of Tron.  So funny!
My MIL, my SIL's best friend, my SIL and ME!

I usually don't post on days that were kind of "bleh" for me.  BUT since I'm posting everyday I guess I need to post the good, the bad and the ugly right?  Why was it a bad day?  Because I'm nervous about teaching the Art Literacy class tomorrow!  I always do this.  So dumb, it's easy and always fun.  Nothing to be nervous about.  Geez! 

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Jan said...

I see your husband is sitting right next to the sign that says "please do not sit on the furniture"

After your class you will say, "why did I feel nervous about that?" I am giving my journal making class tomorrow. it is the same with me, I know it will be fun but I find myself lying awake at night, wondering about it.