Sunday, January 16, 2011


 The little sketches I posted earlier were for these magnets.
 Monsters are so much fun to draw...the combinations are endless....
 The monster is trying to be gentle with his flowers!
New tree for my Uncle Rich...I don't like the octopus looking roots in the front.  Hopefully I can "fix" them, somehow....

Also, I signed up for another ATC (artist trading card) swap!  Valentine themed.  I get so inspired by ATC swaps.  :)


Jan said...

What cute monsters! Hope you are staying dry.

ti-igra said...

They are awesome! Wooow! :-D So funny, so cute and colorfull! Just Fantastic!!!
Hurray!!!! :)))

Maggi said...

Those are so cute! I just love that little monster!

Jocelyn said...

Oh these are such adorable little monsters!!! I just love them..

I think the tree looks awesome!!!

Thanks for the wonderful comment that you left for me...I so appreciate it!!!

Have a great day girlie!!!