Tuesday, January 18, 2011


 The last time I flew, in the summer to San Diego, there was a bunch of turbulence.
I'm use to that.  I fly a lot.  I grew up on an airstrip.  My family owns two airplanes.  We fly to Salem for breakfast on Sunday.  My Dad is a retired Capt. for Delta Airlines.  WHY ALL OF THE SUDDEN DO I HAVE A FEAR OF FLYING?  Oh the mind is a tricky thing.

So while I'm having the panic attacks and near nervous break down, I drew goofy trees on the barf bags so it wasn't obvious that I might need them...the one on the bottom, which is hard to see I know, is an cool idea.  A tree that's roots crawl down into the water and become tentacles like and octopus.  Can't wait to design that one!


Ces said...

Hahaha! That is some classy barf bag!

kirst. said...

Flightcompanies should actually consider printing art on barf bags!

Michelle said...

I thought we were the only one who draws on them! My daughter turns them into puppets, they make us smile and have fun during the flight, thanks for spreading art everywhere, I hope you don't need them anymore except for a funky art canvas! :) Michelle