Friday, October 29, 2010


I love this picture! 

I went with my sis and nephew to Baggenstos Pumpkin Patch, we had a blast. 

My Sis and I are dorks.  We ooohed and aaaawed over these jars of jam.  They were stacked up on a cute little shelf in the harvest shop.  I couldn't get over the way the light from the sun filtered through the window and jars making all kinds of colors. We went on and on about how we need jars like this in our kitchen window at home. Where could we get cute little jars like this and put something in them to reflect the light?  Did we buy any of these amazing jars of yummy jam?  Well, no!  They were to expensive.  We could get jars at the craft store for much cheaper.

Never mind what flavors they were or if it really was jam, maybe those are jellies?  See!  Dorks!  If I remember correctly some of the flavors were really cool.  Like, peach pepper and things like that.  Hey, that doesn't matter!  They just "look" amazing. 


Tina Morton said...

I love you and YOUR dorkiness! I also think we went to Lee's pumpkin patch.. but who really cares! :) hahahaa... What if you took a canning jar (actually look at them at winco yesterday for pretty cheap) and put those clear color gel balls in them.. one solid color and a few of a different color? I don't think it would have the same effect but I think it would be a reason to get together and play around! :) love you big sissy!

Pamela Holderman said...

Well yes we are all dorks then because that picture is stunning and just makes you feel happy. No need to eat what is inside - it was just a moment in time on a happy day right?

Leslie said...

My sister and I are huge dorks too! My mom calls us Niles and Frasier from the show Frasier! lol Sounds like you have a lot of fun!