Saturday, April 03, 2010


And still another artist trading card for swap-bot! I copied this little guy from a greeting card.

I love doing art on pages from old books. These otherwise unused, unloved and really uncared for books become one of a kind art. A little messages behind the colored pencil. So, have I convinced you it's okay to tear apart a book?

Still seems strange to do! Years ago I joined an altered book group, I never had the chance to alter a book for the group but some of the work they do is so amazing. Really unique art form!


Jan said...

Love it! I have been doing some painting on old dictionary/hymnal/spanish language book pages. It is such a fun thing to do! The old pages seem to take the color so well. Did you change your blog background? I like it. Hope you are having a fun Easter weekend.

Jocelyn said...

Ok...I am trying this again...I hope 3 posts do not show up....blogger is giving me a devil of time!!

Ohhhhhh I love this and I just adore the pages from the old book...I have three of them sitting in my craft room that I love tearing pages out of an adding them to my art!!!

Thanks for stopping by and the wonderful comments that you leave for me!!

Wishing you a great week!!! :-)

Steve Haskamp said...

I love that you are painting on old book pages! Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog too!

Tammy said...

Loving that idea....I will have to take a stab at it...very soon!

leecytx said...

oh he is SOOO cute!! great job!
leecytx from swap-bot