Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Simple red and white necklace and earrings. For some reason it reminds me of candy. Maybe strawberry? I love red right now. I think this necklace needs more red in it but maybe all the white makes the red, "pop" not sure. I am having fun with the jewelry, so relaxing!


Jan said...

It does resemble candy, like the colorful hard candy at Christmas. Cute!

Lisa said...

I love the red with all the white! You are truly an artist...jewelry now? What is it you can't do??? Love and miss you!xoxo!

Maggi said...

Cute cute cute! Love the red and white together!

Anonymous said...

Love that red bead at the bottom with the dots... nice piece!

Kelly Berkey said...

Super cute! I love the red.
Your etsy shop photos are way better than my first ones! so much work to make it look semi-pro, doesn't it?

thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment!

arkaya (jess) said...

I love red too, especially next to white or black. Reminds me of strawberry candy :D