Sunday, August 09, 2009


More blue stuff. This is the "real" BLUE DAYZ IV. I guess I skipped BLUE DAYZ III. All fixed now. Left is my son Andy's ratty old shoe that he wears all the time. It's falling apart, it must be very comfy.

We've had a great summer so far. Baseball, swimming, parks, movies, berry picking, parties (thanks Tina for the great birthday party!), a garage full of boys, and lots of camping. I thought for sure I would do all kinds of drawing on the camping trips.
No such luck. The camping trips this year have been so much work, some of the sites were strange. During our stay at Detroit Lake, Oregon, Andy's tent caught on fire. Horrible and scary to hear your son yelling at four in the morning, "Fire! Dad, Fire!" They had a citronella candle burning. No one was hurt but we were wide awake for a long, long time. Also, strangers came in off the lake and wandered into our site all day. Our private bathrooms became public because we gave up trying to get all the people back on their boats, while explaining that our site was private. It was not a good trip. The last lake we went to must have had a yellow jacket nest near by. My brother drank a bee and every time one of the little suckers would buzz near me, I would wail about and trip over something. Usually my four year old nephew, poor guy.
The redeeming quality was my brother and his family were right there with us through all of it. Nice to have them in our lives.

The boys got a kick out of the bug who snuck onto my sketch book and got squished when I closed it, only to be discovered the next time I opened it up. As you can see to the right. He kind of left a good impression. ;)
Below is Andy eating a slug on our one good camping trip at Paradise, Oregon.

He's didn't really. :)

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Tina Morton said...

haha... EWWWW GROW... dead bugs.. and slugs.. and a ratty old shoe to boot!