Sunday, June 07, 2009


More "Bottle of ink in a pencil" art work. This time I tried to use it softly. More of a sketch than a drawing. I played around with the reflection. I don't have it right but I like the effect and I think I'll try to set something up with a reflection and try to practice it from life. I don't normally draw anything from life. It's all imagination. I should do more "life" work so that I can practice perspective. My imagination goes bananas all the time, way more fun than real life!


Tina Morton said...

you have the polk a dot one RIGHT ON!!!!! I love everything you do!!!!

yoborobo said...

Real life is highly overrated, but then, look at what I do! LOL!! I love your sketch. :)

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Tam! Great job! Creating from the imagination is always the most fun! Have a wonderful week!

Lisa :)

Leslie said...

Beautiful sketch. If our imaginations didn't go bannanas, life would be pretty boring!