Friday, March 06, 2009


 Here is a picture of the altered playing card collage ATC's I tried for another swap bot swap. I don't usually do collage, I really like it, however it's too time consuming for me. I rethink and rethink the design for so long I feel exhausted by the time I'm finished. I would rather draw. I need to stop signing up for swaps that aren't just drawing/painting. I'm going to get in trouble for being late! BUT, it's good to stretch yourself and try something new all the time. MUST NOT AVOID WHAT'S HARD, (I'm telling myself ) and so I better sign up for what looks interesting.

On another note, thank you to Claire for the wonderful Kreative Blog Award! I love your blog and I visit on a regular basis. I've already listed my 7, or rather 8 favorite things in the previous post.

Below are my seven people who deserve this award! Remember to copy the award to your blog , list seven things about you and seven people who deserve this award!

There's my seven, you deserve it guys, enjoy!


ButterCup said...

awwww, Thank you for giving me this award! you're so sweet. :)

Leslie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your collage ATCs are great. I do the same thing-arrange and rearrange before I glue down on my mixed media art too, but I am obsessed with it right now. I think because it is so much like scrapbooking.

Micki said...

Thank you for this award I will get round to doing it sometime this weekend ;)

Micki x

Anonymous said...

I think you so great collage's... I have agree with you though. My heart is in needlearts & I find doing collage tedious. Some are so beautiful!!
Have a great day!

Minx said...

Love it or not i definatly think it's good to try new things and challenge yourself & you've done a great job on these ATCs

Renee said...

You may not like doing them, but boy you sure know how. They look great.


Softpencil said...

I like your ACEO´s!
Congratulations!!! It´s a lovely award!

MarysMadness said...

Thanks so much and I am going to post this! You are a sweetie!

Abigail said...

Love the collage ATC!