Thursday, February 26, 2009


New pen and ink drawings.

I worked on them last summer and finished them today. I do that. I draw something and then right before it's finished I stop and sometimes forget about it altogether. Luckily these were in my note book I carry all the time so I didn't forget them. As usual a bird. Also, something new, fields. Now that I think about it the drawing brings up a neat memory for me. I used to fly with my dad in his Bonanza Beechcraft when I was little and I loved looking at the world from the air. All the fields in the Hillsboro, Banks, Forest Grove area were awesome with the patterns and repetition. It's to wet to fly now but maybe I'll go up again when he's back from Palm Springs!
Now, do they need color?


Tina Morton said...

TO EVERYONE... She is not kidding.. she really carries around a art pad and tons of pens and pencils! I love going through it when she comes over. Second... NOOO COLOR.. I love it just the way they are.. However.. you always amaze me and I am sure if there was color I would love them! Great work TAM!

grinning mouths said...

That landscape is pretty freaking rad.

Softpencil said...

Nice drawings! I love the landscape :)

ButterCup said...

Thanks Tam! Nice drawings!
Why NO colors?

Anonymous said...

They don't need color. I love B&W's. Love your art... so off-beat!!
Love, Marilyn

Renee said...

These ink drawings are fantastic Tamm. Really.

I love the fields they look incredible. Great job.


Micki said...

Love the bird!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
A chocolate gateaux/gateau is just a chocolate sponge cake smothered in chocolate sauce and chocolate curls on top, total indulgence ;)

Micki x

Harto said...

Just stumbled across your blog..really nice stuff :) Keep it coming..