Thursday, December 19, 2013


So ya!  My bro did good.  Look at my new sign up page:

The site features all kinds of card making ideas, tricks, tips and products. I want to make it about unique handmade cards.  Cards made with all the artistic things I've learned over the years.  Not just stamps, although stamps are really fun, but collage acrylic paint, watercolor and anything we can think of!

We will announce winners for some prizes when we open in January.  Details on the prizes will be announced shortly.  Just so you know,  I put the prizes together and they are awesome! ;) 

SO?  Are you ready for Christmas?  Got everything done?  I'm still working on the little felt stuff.  I posted some felt things in the previous post. Now, of course, I decided I needed to make sachets because I really NEED something to do this close to Christmas.  SACHETS, such a strange word,  how do you say that?  Sa-sh-ay?  Anyway, I have a ton of fun fragrances from my soap business days like: apricot freesia, rosemary, violet (sis's favorite) wasabi, toasted rice, cinnamon sugar.....well, the list goes on.  I won't bore you.  SO many neat ones. My fav. is tomato leaf.  It really really smells like a fresh garden tomato leaf!

This is one of the cute boxes we made at the Christmas Stampin' Up camp.  You can't see the sparkle very well but it's this glitter paper that is wonderful!  I'm putting some candy in that box for my SIL. 

Hopefully, now that all my work is done, I can start posting and sharing on a regular basis.  I miss you guys. Linking with:
Paint Party Friday

They are honoring Tracey over there at PPF this Friday! SO amazing and what a great community! 

Dear Tracey,
We love your spirit, your talent, your humor, and your kindness.
Every week you inspire us with your extraordinary creativity and strength.
Thank you for being such an amazing and supportive part of this community.
This week is dedicated to you!
With love,
Your PPF Family

I really want to know what you have left to do for Christmas!  I need to go to Rocket Fizz and get my Dad some vintage pop!


Christine said...

very cute sachets!

minnemie said...

Beautiful little box...whoever gets it better not throw it away! It's a keeper:-)

Netty said...

Happy PPF, love your beautiful box.
Wishing you a very Happy Christmas, hugs Annette x

Faye said...

I especially love the cute little box! Merry Christmas!

Linda said...

what a sweet little pillow box. Happy PPF and happy holidays!

Kat Griffin said...


Abigail Davidson said...

The box is really cute! Happy PPF!

EVA said...

Have a wonderful Xmas, Tam! Rocket Fizz... saw that store when I was in CA earlier this year. Very cool.

Charming little boxes!

JoyCorcoran said...

Thanks for sharing your work. Love the little boxes. Have a great Christmas and new year.

denthe said...

Cute boxes, and your little felt things look very precious. It's so much nicer to get handmade gifts for Christmas.

bellefrogworks said...

What a cut little box - way back I was a Stampin' Up demo - that's how I got started making art. Enjoy your Christmas

Anonymous said...

This box is adorable, very well done! But the smell of tomato leaf, I am surprised - I wonder how it smells as a fragrance?

Diana Evans said...

oh that little box is the cutest!!! wishing you a wonderful weekend!!!!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

That's a cool little box you made. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!