Friday, August 30, 2013


Dragonfly Illustration

I've been playing around with my Bamboo pad thing that connects to the computer.  REALLY FUN! Although I've had a hard time sketching from scratch, I can trace and enhance my illustrations. There is a huge learning curve for me but I want to try to master the techniques.   Wish me luck!

I'm involved with a new project.  Getting a new site up and running is an overwhelming task. That's why I've been scarce here on my blog. There is NO WAY I could do it without my bro.  We are partners on this web site.  It should launch in October.  Hope, hope!  I'll keep you posted.

In other news, facebook kicked me off their site.  I promise to not talk about it and sign some stuff that says I won't talk about it and be very good so I can get back on.  Wish me luck!

In other other news, the boys are starting school next week.  I LOVE my  boys but my gosh I'm looking forward to a chunk of time to myself so I can think straight.  They are accusing me of dementia! I don't blame them.  I would think I had it too if I were them. I remember thinking my Mom was a scatter brain when I was a teenager. Now I get it!  I thought having toddlers was hard, and it was for me, but as far as brain power goes teenagers are really hard!  I feel like I'm in a court room faced with constant negotiations and arguing cases.  I think I'll make them start calling me Perry Mason. 


Sue Marrazzo said...

I can relate to your post!
You do need ME time!

denthe said...

Haha, I can sooo relate! Love your illustration! Kicked off of Facebook, huh? I didn't even know that was possible .... Good luck with your website!

Alexandra said...

Your dragonfly is oh so cute! I'm loving your recent illustrations. :)