Tuesday, June 04, 2013


"Pink" artist trading card. Nail polish and collage.

"Pink" artist trading card. Nail polish and collage.
I really love the color pink.  I think I even cheated on my "color test" on another art site to make sure I would have the color pink.  I don't want to tell you which site or you might tell on me ;)

This artist trading card was fun to create.  I have so many really pretty pink nail polish colors to choose from.  I used a very transparent hue so I wouldn't wipe out all the collage work I did.  Collage is so hard for me.  I struggle with that medium for sure!


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Have u seen Heart Throb by UPI? Its a great color for summer.

JaneA said...

I love pink too! So we're "pink" sisters. ;-)

Marchella Loofis said...

Pink is the best color for women like us,hahaha. Wow,it's really a nice idea to put on nail polish into ATC. I'll try to do it next time, hihihi.

taisafinskaia said...

Oh I use OPI Nail polish as well! For me they are the best :)

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Ahdini said...

it's pretty! :)

anyway you're following the wrong blog of mine... because it's written in indonesian and not containing art :D here's my artblog that you might meant to follow or take a look http://ahdworkofart.blogspot.com/

thankyou, have a great day!

Creations By Mit said...

It does not look like you struggle one bit! Beautiful!

smadronia said...

Cute cards! I have a heck of a time with collage, probably because I don't have a lot of paper choices currently available. I'm still pretty new to the ATC process.

It never occured to me to use nail polish for paint. I'll have to try that out

Faye said...

Tam, I love the idea of using nail polish in art. Your pink color is really gorgeous and makes the card really pop.