Friday, June 28, 2013


Artist Trading Card
 Ever feel like when you're working on a card or painting or in this case an artist trading card everything is coming together?  Either it looks like you pictured in your head or everything is turning into "happy accidents", that last one is usually the way I work.  Thanks to Bob Ross I will always have those encouraging words softly floating in my head....

Artist Trading Card
Artist Trading Card
Artist Trading Card
 Then all of the sudden, it just isn't working looks odd,  muddled, forced or the worst, effortless!  I HATE that!  As I was working on this dragonfly ATC (below) I just couldn't find my mojo.  It took forever!  Re-working and messing and cutting.  It still looks pretty messy and I tried to cover up stuff....oh boy.  I should have started over at any point but the drive to finish was overwhelming.  I'm not a "do-over" type, more a "make it work" type.

When do you know if you should cut your losses and start over?

Do you keep going until it's finished, whatever the cost?

Artist Trading Card
Artist Trading Card
Above, a card my Sis and I did as a goof!  We started attaching things randomly and making a mess on purpose.  Next thing I knew she was adding the feathers! Ha, take that messy ATC!

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bellefrogworks said...

If I'm truly confused by a sketch or painting (or whatever) - I tend to put it aside and come back later. If I still don't like the way it's going - well then gesso is my best friend. Love your ATC's - amazing what you can do on such a small canvas. HPPF

Giggles said...

I put it to the side...come back and if I still hate it I try to rework it or gesso over it!! Most artist go through these periods!!
The rest are beautiful!!

Hugs Giggles

Corrine at said...

Great compositions. I really like the red, it jumps out at me. xox

Kim said...

Interesting collage work. HPPF!

Faye said...

I love your ATCs. Each one is so lovely and creative. I think I'm more the keep plugging on, rather than a do-over person. When I'm working on something larger than an ATC and it fails, I cut it into useable pieces for cards.

Linda said...

Love how you handled the last bit :):) Wonderful ATCS and collage work!

ann @ studiohyde said...

Love all your ATC's. The dragonfly is great, by the way, great expression on its face. said...

Great cards! I love the dragonflies expression:) When I loose my mojo and things start to go wrong I usually leave it for a while and then go back to it. If I keep going, i often make things worse and then inevitably end up in the bin!

Ilona Heimböckel said...

Love your small collages!!! :-)

Happy PPF
Ilona xx

Maggi said...

I hate that feeling! When I get too frustrated with it, I ditch it and either remake it later or ignore it forever, lol.