Thursday, May 16, 2013


Mustache Tina's Thursday Tips.
 Tip #1 Never blow a bubble when wearing a mustache!

Mustache Tina's Thursday Tips.
Tip #2 An open flame is not recommended when making invisible ink. For more information click here:  Tip Top Spot

Heh heh!  These pictures crack me now they are my, "Thursday Tips with Mustache Tina" series.  My poor little sis was so tired and super rummy dummy when I got these shots. During her sons birthday party she slapped on this super silly mustache and was goofing around. I wish I had a video of her amazing  Mario Brother Luigi voice that went with this "look". Family beware....I WILL take your picture and use it against you on this blog!


Anonymous said...

Very funny! LOL!!

Jessica said...

That is hilarious! Great pictures.

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