Wednesday, January 23, 2013


1950's edition of Good Housekeeping!  The special wedding issue.  So far this is the most fun I've had reading a magazine.  I'm halfway through and the charming vintage everything is very AWESOMENESS! $1.50

A small lemon dish!  It made me happy when I saw it so I knew for .50 it's a keeper.

I always need a small clean water dish for watercolor.  Guess what?  The lemon dish was perfect!
YES, awesomeness is a word! Right? ;)

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Sue Marrazzo said...

I always find a trove of Great Finds at
Thrift stores here in PA!!!
I love the old magazines, too! You take a look at how life was back then. I LOVE the 50's finds the best!
I collect old jewelry, pottery and beaded bags!
Love the post! Check out my Blog at