Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Red nutcracker with gold details.

Blue nutcracker, silver trim.  With a seriously crooked mouth! You can see the drummer guy in the drum cage in back of the nutcracker for scale.  They were about 8 feet tall.  I used regular craft paint to paint them.  The cheap stuff....worked well but needed two coats for sure!

I made FIRE! For the fire I decided to splash red yellow and orange on cardboard then cut it out in "fire shapes" rather than outline the fire in black.

Owl, I didn't have time to paint so my friend Janelle did it!

My favorite teddy :)

Friends painted the monster for me and added glitter to all the characters.

The glitter sure did make everything POP!

Robot was some of the peoples favorite character.  There will be a silent auction for these cardboard cut out guys after Christmas.  I will bid on the red teddy for sure!


Annie said...

I'm just popping by to say....
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with everything that makes you happy.
A x #38

Li'l Pidge said...

Wow, great nutcrackers...and you made a fire! That is some serious crafting!


Kyla #50

MiniOwner said...

Oooh thiose cardboard decs are amazing. Me too for the red bear! Happy Wednesday and Happy Christmas, too. :o)
Sue x (MiniOwner@45)

Introverted Art said...

the little owl is so adorable.

Anonymous said...

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