Friday, August 24, 2012


Another bear!  Surprised?  This one is done on this cool sparkle pink paper (hard to see) with these Sepia colored pens.

This one done with those Graphitini pencils on the brown recycled card stock.  OH and there's more...just wait! :)

What is it about obsessions?  People, mainly artists get these funny ideas or "things" stuck in their heads and that's it!  Nothing else satisfies the obsession.  GOTTA MAKE BEARS!

Going to that awesome coffee place today with a friend.  The coffee shop is called Aveda, in Beaverton Oregon.  I'll try to take some more pics.  I'm feeling a new obsession coming soon. Coffee and coffee cups?  Hmmmmm  What's your obsession?


Tracey Fletcher King said...

will look forward to your coffee cup obsession, though I am liking the bears... I love tea and tea related stuff... no kidding right... but love coffee mugs and anything like am excited to see what you paint next...xx

Catherine Denton said...

How fun! I have an obsession with coffee. :D
Catherine Denton

Anonymous said...

Great site!! I'm from the Art Blog Hop...would appreciate a follow back! :)