Thursday, August 23, 2012


This is a shelf I found at a second hand store.  Perfect for the artsy stuff, right?  WELL every time anyone shut the door that is located on the same wall the supplies would take a little leap forward UNTIL, some of the ink bottles crashed to the floor and now I have "rainbow" hard wood floors.
At first I thought I would have to just get rid of the shelf then.....inspiration!  I ran a strip of double stick tape then lay down a row of change on top of it. Dimes on the bottom shelf, nickles on the second and pennies on the top.  I added silver embossing powder to the exposed tape around the change and heat gunned the powder so no fuzz or dust will stick to it.
NOW all my "stuff",  including this awesome owl my son Andy got for my birthday, are safe and won't bounce off the shelf. WHEW!

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Tracey Fletcher King said...

That is genius thinking... never would have thought of doing that... xx