Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Baby Bear! Doesn't it look like he's on the operating table?  These bears are for a preschool teacher, Mrs. Miller!  Her classroom's theme is BEARS! I made a big house to go with them but I didn't take a picture of it. There are all kinds of seasonal decorations that go along with the bears.

The outline of Papa Bear. I start with sharpie and trace them from their worn out old versions seen in the background on the table.  The outline needs to be exact because they all have clothes that fit them just right for the seasons.

Then Papa bear is colored in with colored pencil.  I use all shades of dark brown.  AND totally flip out a few times because the pencil keeps breaking and breaking and breaking!  UGH!  Prisma color is soft and it BREAKS!

I made the first bears and their clothes ten years ago.  That was Mrs. Millers first year as a preschool teacher. She was Andy's preschool teacher!  Mrs. Miller was surprised to see her  little 4yo student  now 14, tower over her when we came to pick up the old bears.

Mama Bear!  She is my favorite.  She is done with a slightly pink hue.  Hard to see in this pic.

Heidi, wondering as usual what the heck I'm doing?

Heidi had her BFF Bella come play with us the other day. So much fun!


Tracey Fletcher King said...

Prismas drive me nuts too... using them on such a big work would do my head in completely... these are awesome... and look at gorgeous Heidi's face... she looks like she is smiling for her picture... so sweet...xx

Simona Cordara said...

Awesome work! Heidi is so beautiful!!

Christine's Arts said...

Wow, what a lucky teacher! These are really cute. If you can get a picture of the house too, that would be cool to see.