Saturday, January 28, 2012


Who does this?  I always sharpie my hard boiled eggs.  It's useful, I tell myself, because that way family knows which eggs are hard boiled and which aren't.  BUT really I just want to draw something on those perfect white egg-shaped canvasses!
Working on a bunch of new tree paintings.
I'm using a 005 micro pen.
These have a sense of texture and....what's that called when you have a map that shows height and land shape?  Topography I just googled it.  I used to love looking at those maps as a kid.
I was really interested in the depth of the tree with this painting.  I wanted a lot of the branches to overlap.


Maggi said...

Ha! I love that you draw on your eggs! Great sketches, always a treat to see your trees!

Veri said...

Eggs are very nice ! :D

crystal.travel6 said...
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Art by Andrew Daniel said...

The eggs are hilarious!