Thursday, December 29, 2011


Made an owl for a school project with my niece!
This owl comes complete with eggs in the nest.
We had to trim all the feathers outside and it looked like a bird was killed on our lawn.
His big google eyes were so funny!
This owl was made with a Styrofoam ball carved a little bit for shape.  Then we added wire wings and tail.  Next we glue gunned tons of feathers.  We cut the feathers for more shape.  Finally google eyes and sponge beak complete the owl.  At first he the owls didn't look like it was going to be a good one but we hung in there and committed to the design.  Finally it looked good after the last feather trim.  I love owls!  Owls are my favorite.  On at least one of my new paintings I think I will add some owls.  New show coming up in April.  I need 30+ paintings for the gallery.  Whew, now I need to make sure to take pictures as I go for this darn blog!  :)

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Maggi said...

lol That is too cute!