Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Not me!  I'm not being bratty because everything I make I have to stage with perfect lighting, photograph with my wonky camera (I want a new one) and load into the computer and edit and then think of something clever to say about it.

This is a photo already in my computer....I'm eating these M&M's!  Isn't this dispenser cool? 

Somehow I'm going to use these boxes for the soap I'm making.  I tried to pour soap directly into the boxes but the soap leaked out the bottom.  I need a new plan!  Ideas?


Jan said...

Hope you are saving some of that tomato leaf soap for me! I don't care what kind of box it comes in:-)

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish there was a better way when it came to the process involved in getting a listing up and going! Ugh. That's what's been keeping me from listing to my Etsy and Ebay for the longest. It's just so TIME CONSUMING!!! Plus, I can't stand having to come up with wordage for the ads - I get all tongue tied and I waste WAYYYYYY too much time trying to think of something snappy and smart to say, and come up empty.

Very cool M&M dispenser and cute picture! So glad you and your boys enjoyed that sesame street video! I loved it, myself!

Lisa said...

Hi tam...I love your m and m dispenser. If I had that anywhere in our home, it would be EMPTY. You are one disciplined girlie! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that the cool dispenser is hand motion activated!!! :-) <3 the little bratty sister!

Maggi said...

Ha, you sound like me. It's not enough to create, now I have to take perfect pictures to create a perfect post and be all clever and stuff? Pffftttttt lol