Saturday, July 16, 2011


Big green tree!
This tree wasn't suppose to be so big and wild.  It started out tame and became a big mess!  I can't erase the watercolor is what it is. I like the color....

So I did some research at the Sketchbook Project site and it looks like people are coloring both sides of the page.  Anyway, the ones who work on both pages look really good. I think I will add words to the left side of the book pages.  I'm not very good at words.  Wish me luck!

In honor of the sketchbook I'm working on I will have another giveaway!  Fun little papers and art supplies.  I will start the giveaway on Monday.  Look out for it!

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1 comment:

Jan said...

Hi I haven't visited here in awhile it seems because I don't recognize any of your recent posts. Love your sketchbook and your trees. I see you have changed your blog look again too. Nice and clean looking. Went to your etsy but nothing in there right now. Maybe you closed it while you were on vacation. Hope you are having a wonderful summer!