Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Jellyfish with rocks,

jellyfish alone.

Jellyfish hanging with my cup o coffee.

Jellyfish down front.

Jellyfish looking menacing.

Jellyfish in Andy's hand.

Jellyfish tangled in seaweed.
The family, mine and my brothers, went to Rockaway Beach last weekend.  The weather was perfect!  Andy and I stayed an extra night.  I think we could live on the beach.  SO I found these super neat looking jellyfish.  little round orbs of awesomeness.  These are just a few of the pictures I took.  When Paul looked at the pictures, I made him sit here and look at a slide show, he gave me this face:

Then he started heckling my jellyfish!  The nerve.  Of course this is after 100 photos of jellyfish and about 30 of the family. hehe


Anonymous said...

green eggs and ham sam I am. You are the next dr. Seuss/Hess! hehee I LOVE IT! <3 your lil sis

Teresa said...

Typical "man" look!! He must be related to my husband :-)