Monday, February 21, 2011


This is a painting my sis did for me for my birthday!

My art desk and bins. NOT loving the tilted picture!

The new purple/red hair.
I really love the picture my sister painted for me.  She uses acrylic paints.  She is a huge fan of texture in her paintings. I hope she will start her heart painting series soon. GO TINA GO!

The desk and bins are located in my dining room which is connected to the kitchen.  I read an article in the late 1990s about keeping your art work space in a central location. That way everyday you have to walk by your art and it would always be in your face. Good idea, for me!  Those are dollar store black wash bins.  They sure are handy.  I am in the process of relabeling them.  I'm not into stamping at all anymore and a bunch of those bins were for stamps and ink.  I glued some metal sheets to the underside the bottom shelf. I added magnets to my bottles of glitter so they can hang there for inspiration.  Yes, glitter is a big inspiration!

The hair?  UGH!  I sat down in my hair dresser, Shannon's, chair and said, "Do whatever." Then we started talking as usual I talk endlessly to Shannon.  When she was finished and blow drying the hair I noticed the DARK underneath.  YIKES!  During the course of the process Shannon was getting sicker and sicker.  At the end I had to leave, she was throwing up!  Now I'm stuck with this strange multicolored hair.  Not sure if I like it?  Mom, Gram and SIL do not like it. My Sis and other SIL, friends, love it. Maybe it's more artsy. :)


-Trashy Betty- said...

LOVE the owl!! The organization is definately inspiring! And, if you don't stamp anymore and are wanting to detash- send me an email please - :) Also, Im liking the hair as well! Nice contrast to the blonde! -Melissa

Tammy said...

What a lovely painting...the art talent must run in the family. I am loving the hair....Why not be different. I used to have two tone hair and loved it. So I say go for it...looks very pretty and artsy.
have a terrific week!

Jocelyn said...

OHHHHHHHHHHH that owl is just awesome!!! Love it!!!

Love the organization...that would inspire me to create!!!!

Love the hair...I think it is adorable!!!

Wishing you a great one!!!!

Diane said...

Oh, you have to keep that artist's hair---I love when people have fun with their hair--after all, it just grows out anyway.
And your sister--very talented!!
P.S. I need to re-organize!!

Maggi said...

Okay, first: tell your sister that her owl painting is AWESOME! It reminds me of a sunflower. :)

Second, I have all my stuff in a central location which ends up being the dumping ground for loads of artistic crap. So then I dig out what I need and work somewhere else. LOL Your space looks great!

Third, I think your hair looks really great (and you're so pretty too!) I would have gotten nervous in the salon chair too though. lol I can't wait till I have this baby, I'm so going to go nuts on my hair and dye it some sort of craziness. I'm not at work anymore so why not? lol

LifeofLoRo said...

Your hair is cool. Leave it that way for a while, and it might grow on you. If you bleached it you could change the colors to whatever you want with a temporary dye every few weeks. :)

Tina Morton said...

Oh my goodness thank you EVERYONE!!! I am hoping to get my mojo back so that I can get back to painting! I learned all I know about art from my super awesome sister! If you are a facebooker... type in "The Amazing Art Work of Tam Hess" and become a fan! I put it up my self.. she is all embarrassed about it.. BUT I WILL PROMOTE IT!!! :)

KEEP THE HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!