Tuesday, January 11, 2011


 Crazy light fixture...someday we will have fun lights in our house.  For now we still have the same lights that are in the movie Poltergeist. Yes they are that old. 
 Some clever sculptures.  These metal guys were climbing up a wall.  Hard to see the scale.  The wall was really big. The shadow they cast on the wall is amazing.  Really smart art!
Everyone has a massage room in their house right?  Gotta love the Portland Street of Dreams.  Well, I do but some of my family can't stand it.  I think for some people it might make them want what they can't have? Some of it seems excessive so I don't have that same feeling.  However, I want new light fixtures. :) 


Tina Morton said...

I like the new lay out! Fun! I have one of your lights.. I see now why you wanted a new one.. every time Seth bonks his head.. I think "oh okay I see why she wanted a different one now!" :)

WrightStuff said...

Oh tell me about light fittings! Mine are so out of fashion! Trouble is the ones I want to buy cost a fortune!!