Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Every two years or so I make soap! My poor husband Paul does not like the soap making years. Not totally sure why...the smell? Which most people would LOVE! Maybe the space it takes up or how clean I demand the kitchen be the whole time I'm making soap? Well, now that I write it, I guess I see why. :)

Above is the rosemary bar. I found out how to shrink wrap the soap. So that will go a lot faster this year. So far I've made Bay Rum with cloves, peppermint sparkle and Cinnamon Chai Tea. I'll have more fun pictures soon!


Steve Finnell said...

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Jan said...

Ahh! Soap, I haven't made that in years. Do you need a shrink wrap machine? I have one you can have if you come out and get it.

Emma @ emmanemhandmade said...

I've never made soap before! Is it hard? Any tips?

Cheryl said...

Nice, I adore your soap!

Tam Hess said...

Jan, I have found out you can use regular saran wrap and a heat gun to seal the soap!! I wouldn't mind coming your way anyway! ;)

Emma, not hard at all there is all the information online. Just a little research. :)

Cheryl, does John need coffee soap? :)